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Lenovo T580

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The Lenovo ThinkPad T580[1] is part of the Lenovo Thinkpad T Series of Consumer Laptops. The hardware is incredibly similar, if not identical to the Lenovo Thinkpad P52s as they share the same hardware maintenance manual[2]. The T580 is now discontinued[1]

Problem Solution

Graphical Glitches and lockups possibly due to flexing[2]

  • This seems to be due to flexing of the plastic housing that can be caused when the device is open and carried by the corners repeatedly. This seems to potentially have an effect on the part of the board where the RAM sticks are located. Reseating the RAM may help, although the longer term fixes are likely either user behavior changes, third party addons[3] or a new/reenforced chassis/casing for the device

Mouse vibrating/freaking out and drifting across the screen

  • This is likely caused by food particles, beverage residue or other junk getting stuck in the gap between the trackpad and the casing. Taking the trackpad out and wiping off/cleaning the edges and its cutout should solve the issue.

Blurry webcam feed

this may not be a hardware problem and may just be due to fingerprint smudges on the lens from operation of the built-in webcam cover.

Laptop suddenly shuts down or won't power up even when apparently charged or nearly charged. Screen, fans, and/or all system lights may briefly power up at the same time repeatedly before turning off again in a roughly 1second on, 4 seconds off cadence. No manufacturer spalsh screen present (failure to POST)

  • if no splash screen is present it is likely a failure to POST, check the memory and other hardware so see if something has gone bad. if flex damage is possible, this may be due to a failure of one or more RAM slot(s), even if the memory itself is fine.
  • some users report that this issue resolves itself, others report that performing a "power drain" or applying pressure to the lower left corner of the chassis helps [4].
  • following lenovos guide [5] for laptops that won't power on may also help
  • other users have also experienced this issue [6]