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problem solution
a computer doesn't connect to the mobile hotspot's ipv4 or ipv6 manually select broadcast channel 4 or 6.

Note: 4 is much slower than 6

if that doesn't work:

  • check to see if it needs time to connect
  1. click on the wifi icon on the computer's task bar
  2. right click on the phone's wifi network
  3. click status
  4. check the sent bytes
  5. if it's increasing, but the received is 0, wait until the received starts increasing
  • keep switching between channel 4, 6, and auto-select (along with manually turning on and off on the computer with each switch) until the computer recognizes the internet
  • note: the hotspot will manually turn on and off, but it will need to be manually done on the computer
  • if the computer automatically connects to the hotspot, disconnect it, turn the hotspot off and then on, and then manually connect to the wifi network on the computer
  • some apps may get in the way of the computer accessing the hotspot, so turn those off and then try again with the turning on/off of every device to see if it helps.
no sound for phone calls or texting turn the music volume up (as there's a glitch that makes the phone ring/beep associated with the music volume instead of the ringtone one
has a deep water spill Note: do not put into rice or a bag with silica gels - as it won't remove what's trapped inside and wastes a lot of time, in which handlign important matters regarding the phone and electrical usage may decline

Take off each layer of the back of the phone.

Take off the lid

Remove the battery

unscrew all the screws

remove the motherboard if possible (especially if the water is trapped under the screen)

suck out (manually with your mouth or some other vacuum) all the water

- Note: feel/look for humidity and listen for trapped water (by sucking, not shaking - as that'll put it deeper) to know where to go

- try removing it from all sides, even where not expected

pick out dirt with a rolled napkin or cloth corner

put everything back and try to turn on the phone

- note: feel for overheating and where the electrical connectivity's located - to focus on the parts that the phone needs to turn on and work, which is towards the bottom of the phone

repeat as necessary until the phone works (undoing and putting the phone back together)

can't hear through phone use headphones or the speaker
mobile hotspot stops being connected after it does connect fully to the computer

- where it shows 0 connected, even when both the computer and phone have a connection

close unnecessary browser tabs

- note: too many overloads the hotspot

disconnect the internet from the computer and phone

restart everything

phone service shut down due to 3g network shutdown
  • switch to google voice
  • port phone number to it