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The 2020 iPhone SE was officially marketed as iPhone SE (2nd generation).

Note: When sourcing replacement parts, keep in mind that sources such as iFixit have confirmed that some parts are interchangeable with iPhone 8 parts, including display assembly, rear camera, and taptic engine.

Models Region
A2275 United States, Canada
A2296 Global
A2298 China

Symptoms:[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution
3 Minute Restarting

Random Restarting

iPhone SE 2020 models require certain sensors to be detected by the operating system, otherwise it will reboot every 3 minutes & record this error in the panic log.

There are 3 sensors that must be detected.

On the Charging Port, there is:

  • Mic1
  • Prs0

On the Power Button Flex, there is:

  • MIc2
To find the panic log on the device, go to Settings-> Privacy-> Analytics & Improvements-> Analytics Data-> Scroll down to the files starting with "panic-full..." & click on the most top one.
Example of a Panic Log

Alternatively, you can use a tool like the iDevice Panic Log Analyzer, which will download the panic logs from the device & display them on the PC & give you suggestions to possible solutions. It makes it easier to browse the panic log file.

If you find the above errors, replace the appropriate flex with an OEM or Premium flex.

It is also a good idea to keep a known good power button flex & charging port flex in your bench, for testing only. There are reports of even NEW flexes being bad. So you have to keep known good flexes on hand at all times, so you don't waste your time troubleshooting with possibly bad flexes.

In scenarios where you have the appropriate flexes plugged in, but it still restarts, then you either have:

  • Bad or damaged flex
  • Low quality aftermarket flex
  • Other flex cables that are Liquid Damaged
  • Open line on mic1 in PCB going up board as the PCB flexes.

Please note: You MUST have the required flex cables, Power Button & Charging Port, plugged in. Otherwise it WILL restart. You cannot troubleshoot this step by unplugging the bad flex.

See this video for a full tutorial on reading the panic logs & how to use the iDevice Panic Log Analyzer tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaJLYbtuCGA

A list of other panic log errors that may encounter: https://vccboardrepairs.com/panic-log-list/

No power, 0.043A on power supply after prompt to boot Check for missing power rails and loose coils around the CPU and PMIC

FPC Connectors diode mode readings[edit | edit source]

Use these diode mode maps as a guide to troubleshoot a problem. You must use the RED PROBE on ground and the BLACK PROBE on the pin you are measuring.

For example: you are troubleshooting a no backlight situation, so you probe the pins on the display FPC that correspond to backlight. If a pin says you should read 0.65 and you are reading OL or a short to GND then that's where you need to go.

If instead of getting 0.65 you read 0.58, move on to the next one, remember every multimeter is different and even slight differences in temperature affect this readings. What you are looking for is extreme differences in values, if you are expecting some value and you get a short to ground that is where it is more likely to be your issue.

Display and Touch connector (J1006) & TouchID Home Button connector (J1007)[edit | edit source]

Diode mode for iPhone SE Display/Touch connector. Pin 1 goes towards top left, pointing to the volume buttons.
iPhone SE TouchID connector. Pin 1 goes towards top left, pointing to the volume buttons.
Charge port / dockflex Connector (J1004)[edit | edit source]
iPhone SE DockFlex charge port connector. Pin 1 goes towards top left, pointing to the volume buttons.
Battery connector (J1005)[edit | edit source]
iPhone SE battery connector. Pin 1 goes towards top right, under the rear camera.
Rear camera Connector (J1001)[edit | edit source]
iPhone SE rear camera connector. Pin 1 goes to the top right of the board, under the rear camera.
Front camera, proximity sensor, earspeaker, ambient light sensor connector (J1002)[edit | edit source]
iPhone SE front flex connector. Contains front camera, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, earspeaker. Pin 1 goes towards top Right, under the rear camera.
Volume and Power buttons, flashlight, ringer switch (J1000)[edit | edit source]
iPhone SE Volume, power buttons, ringer switch and flaslight connector. Pin 1 goes towards top Right, under the rear camera.