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iPhone SE

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Model Type Modem Region
A1662 SE
A1723 SE
A1724 SE

Caption text
Problem Solution
iPhone discharging very quickly Go to Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health. If it is below 85%, it could be the cause. If it is not, open 3uTools on a Windows PC. If the cycle count is around 700 cycles or more, it may be bad even if the health is displayed as "good".

Note: 3rd party batteries often don’t show any degradation under battery health in settings. Judge from the cycle count in this case.

If a battery replacement won’t help:

Your Tristar charging chip has been damaged. Likely due to using a 3rd party cable/car charger. This chip is on the main motherboard. Make sure to only use MFI (Made for iPhone) certified chargers to avoid any future damage.

Other possible cause: a replacement home button might draw too much power. Exact reason for this is unknown, revert to using Assistive Touch or try another original home button from a different iPhone.

iPhone not vibrating Make sure the screen actually fits and doesn't block the vibration motor in the top left corner. The sensor shield might not be installed properly or the corners of the chassis might be bent too much. If the vibration works, while screen is opened, it's this. Else check if vibration has been disabled in Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch. This option is used to turn off vibration system wide.