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iPhone 5s

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The iPhone 5s was the first iPhone with a 64-bit CPU and a fingerprint sensor called Touch ID.

Please be careful when lifting the display from the main body, a very short and fragile cable connects the home button to the main body. If you break this cable, Touch ID will stop working and because it's factory linked to the motherboard no replacement component will bring the fingerprint sensor back.

Models Region
A1457 Europe, Middle East
A1518 China
A1528 China
A1530 Asia Pacific
A1533 North America, China
A1453 North America, Japan
Problem Solution what didn't work
battery won't charge and phone won't turn on.

At most flicks the screen lightly

repair shop - ask for:
  • charge the battery externally
    • note
      • it will charge via usb once the battery's charged
      • cost is around $20
  • if not working - replace the battery

at home - buy an external charger - options:

prevent for the future:

  • charge phone when done using it
  • shut down when fully charged
  • turn on only when ready to use again
  • Extra
    • avoid the phone discharging to 0
      • even if it does, recharge it asap
    • try to delete anything that slows down phone, like apps
    • avoid relying on that phone
      • remove information that you need, like photos, etc.
      • get by without it
      • use another phone
    • avoid iOS 10 (see Dec 6, 2016 by Steve Pollitt)
    • factory reset
  • using a heater
  • charging the phone in a wall, high speed, computer, etc.
  • removing dirt
  • pressing and holding buttons
  • charging for long periods of time
  • replacing the battery
Icloud won't update

from the phone -> icloud

wait 1-2 days to see the files to arrive
  • use other services to send them out
    • ex - email, connecting to the computer
  • notes
    • make sure
      • the wifi is on the phone
        • to send out the files
      • icloud has permissions for the notes app
      • you're properly signed into icloud on the computer and phone
        • if not - it'll say 'access denied'
    • leave the phone on
turning the notes permission on and off only deletes the notes
  • it doesn't send them out any more than before
can't sign into icloud create an icloud email address Apple IDs aren't used for icloud's login