Huawei P30

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Huawei P30[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

No image / No boot after screen replacement, while using service pack display

  • Software update..

As for today, manufacturer has released new series of service pack displays (They have moved to different display panel manufacturer, so now there is "Old" and "New" version of service pack displays, with which phone doesnt boot / doesnt turn on / gives no image if phones EMUI version is below 11. To get it working, you have to update phone to NEWEST possible software version. Even when you update to EMUI11, you still have to check if there is a newer version of it and update to the latest possible. This can be done using display which was manufactured before this update happened (I dont know when exactly this happened, but i have screen from roughly a year ago and it works like a charm, so keep one of those for data jobs and for updating phones). Page will be updated when i will find information on how to distinquish between older version which works on all phones, and newer version which requires specific software revision. For software update itself, it may require a bit of googling, because going into settings -> Software update not always gives newest version, there were cases when we had to disable automatic date adjustment, set date month back, go into huawei support app, from there check for software updates, etc..