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Huawei Nova 3i

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Problem Solution
Bulging phone
  • This is due a bloated battery
  • A common fault for the Nova 3i and other phones that use the same battery (P30 Lite, Nova 2 Plus)
  • It is common for this to occur during the first 10-12 months of use
Bulging Nova 3i
Bloated HB356687ECW
Replace battery

Materials required:

  1. Replacement battery. Model: HB356687ECW
  2. Hot air station or hot plate (optional, but highly recommended)
    • The author used a Yihua 858D set at 100°C, airspeed at 8 units
  3. Prying tools
  4. Adhesive (B-7000, T-7000 or equivalent)
  5. Clamping tools
  6. Phillips screwdriver - 2.5mm


  1. Heat the back of the phone until the surface is hot to touch
  2. Starting at the bulges, gently use a prying tool to separate the adhesive around the phone's perimeter
    • Watch out: the fingerprint sensor ribbon cable is found towards the rear right side of the device
    • Best not to go more than 1cm deep
    • The corners are tougher and may need extra heating
    • Once the back has been separated, be careful as to not damage the fingerprint sensor ribbon cable
  3. Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew plates to gain access to ribbon cable connecters of the battery, screen, fingerprint sensor and daughterboard. The plates are secured by metal and plastic tabs. Disconnect the cables.
    Nova 3i with the backplate and motherboard plates removed
  4. Gently pry the bloated battery off the device
    • The battery is secured to the chassis by double-sided tape. Be gentle and patient in order to prevent puncturing the battery
      Nova 3i with the battery removed
  5. Install the replacement battery
    Nova 3i with a newly installed battery
  6. Reconnect cables
  7. Reinstall the plates
  8. General clean up and inspect your work
  9. Apply adhesive
  10. Secure the backplate using clamping tools