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HDZero Digital FPV System VTX[edit | edit source]


VTX Models[edit | edit source]

HDZero Race VTX V2 200mw Smart Audio
HD Zero Race VTX PCB
HD Zero Race VTX PCB
PCB Front PCB Back
HDZero Whoop VTX 200mw V1
HDZero Whoop V1 PCB Front
HDZero Whoop V1 PCB Back
PCB Front PCB Back
Repairs for Whoop VTX
Problem Resolution
UFL connector ripped off, track for central signal pin damaged Central pin can be connected to top of component

to the right of the UFL connector, as shown in picture

HDZero Whoop UFL repair.jpg
HDZero 500mw VTX 2 Layers of PCB
HDZero 500mw VTX MCU Top
HDZero 500mw VTX MCU Bottom
HDZero 500mw VTX RF Top
HDZero 500mw VTX RF Bottom