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HP Laserjet Enterprise M608

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This is a, enterprise printer in the late HP Laserjet model line. Known for it's fast printing, and it's small form factor, it makes a beautiful replacement for an office laser printer, when it works. So far, it is known to work great, and be serviceable, up to about 1,0000,000 Pages, (really, it is possible) when parts not available new start breaking down. With the limited documentation, even in the technical manual, (which they are not handing out) we are left to go it alone.

There is a service code needed to access service menus, the default service code is 05060717 There is no default Admin password, leave it blank to log in.

Problems/Solutions[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

Ethernet connects at pre-boot, then fails to connect, USB connects then disconnects.

  • There is a tiny little board with a flash chip and a few resistors, all SMT, marked RM2-7645, behind the formatter assembly. Remove the cables from the formatter board, and take out the whole assembly, 2 large screws inside toward the front, 2 smaller screws along the back, under a cover piece. The RM2-7645 is connected to the formatter at J29, with a 5 pin cable. This is also the board that tracks the pagecounts, serial number, etc, so changing it out will cause it to register the same as the donor. After this is changed, you will need to clear the administrative password and factory AND clean reset from the preboot service menu.


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