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HP Laptops Pavilion Series dv7 Series -6b57nr

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problem solution
computer freezes when power is cut off to the computer # manually shut down the computer by pressing and holding the power button
  1. restart the computer
  2. click 'start windows normally'
  3. do not go into startup repair
Charging cord too easily comes out of DC power jack port socket to where it stops charging If planning on not taking out the computer cord ever again:
  1. plug charging cord into computer
  2. make sure the computer is charging (if it's not charging, move the charging cord around until it is)
  3. hot glue all around the charging cord for about 2cm and onto the computer frame, including on top of the computer (just make sure it doesn't get in the way of the computer closing)
  4. press (it will not likely or barely burn. If worried, use gloves or make sure hands are cold (such as dipping into cold water) before trying this) on the hot glue in place while it's still melted (this is to make sure the cord won't come out)
hot glue repair that keeps charging cord in place
hot glue repair that keeps charging cord in place

If the hot glue stops sticking:

  1. keep the hot glue remnants in place wherever it is
  2. plug the cord back in, if it came out
  3. tape over the cord, laptop, and hot glue to keep it all in place (if the cord isn't going to be unplugged from the laptop)
mouse lock accidentally keeps being pressed on while using the mousepad cover the mouse lock button on the mousepad with shipping (or other usable) tape
shipping tape on mousepad to keep the mouse lock button from accidentally being pressed
shipping tape on mousepad to keep the mouse lock button from accidentally being pressed
find the exact model of the computer
  1. Find the basic information from System Information (type this into the search bar) -> system model (won't be found in the control panel -> system and security -> system)
  2. search for or download and install the HP Support Assistant from https://support.hp.com/us-en/help/hp-support-assistant
  3. make sure the file is called sp114036.exe (it won't be the sp123485.exe version).
  4. type the system model found in System Information and product number found in the HP Support Assistant into Google to find the computer model
internal Wi-Fi adapter card breaks
  1. open up the back of the computer using the unlock slider (not the one for the battery, which would have a half-full battery icon)
  2. pull off the lid
  3. take off the cords connected to the wifi card by pulling them up
  4. unscrew the screws that keep the wifi card in place
  5. take out the wifi card
  6. put tape over the cord tips
  7. place the cords where they won't move
  8. put the lid back
  9. Plug an external USB wifi adapter, like a NETGEAR A6150 Miniport WiFi USB 2.0 Adapter or Linksys - AC1200 Dual-Band USB 3.0 Adapter, into a USB port


  1. reinstalling the exact same internal WiFi adapter won't work, as it'll incompatible
  2. installing a spare WiFi adapter would work, but requires a driver
computer doesn't turn on turn computer on and off multiple times manually using the power button until the screen turns on


  • may take 10 times of turning on after turning it off for it to show up
  • make it easier for the computer to turn on by having it flat, warmed up, etc.