Generate and Print Airbus A32X Load Report 15

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How to generate and Print Load Report 15 for the Airbus A320 Family

Header Text[edit | edit source]

How to Generate A32X Load Report 15:

Problem Solution

Step 1

Press "MCDU MENU" soft key

Step 2

Select "AIDS" (Soft Key L3)

Step 3

Select "15 LOAD REPORT" (Soft Key L2)

Step 4

Report printing on Pedestal

How to Read Load Report 15:

Problem Solution

Check Code

The Code is located in the third block (C1) and is the third across, A normal code is below 4000, any code 4000 of higher means that a hard landing did take place.

Verify G-Force

In section S3 which is located four up from the bottom, There are three strings of four numbers, The first one is what we care about "VRTA". For this example, Lets use "0159 0006 0000", 0159 means 01.59G of force in the landing. Hard landings start at 2.6G (0260) and up with 2.86G (0286) being a 'Severe Hard Landing'.

Verify Bounce

In section T3 which is in the bottom portion of the report, Verify that the "VRTA" report reads 0000. This means that no bounce has taken place.

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