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The Gamecube controller can often take a lot of stress on the motherboard. It's not uncommon to find the motherboard to be cracked inside. Be careful when taking apart the controller and inspect the frontside of the motherboard for cracks. Usually it cracks between the Start and B buttons. If the motherboard is cracked, it can break VERY easily under minimal force. (Don't ask me how I know)

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Motherboard crack between Start and B
Motherboard crack under microscope

Pinout/Motherboard scans

Issue Solution
Controller shuts off the console The wire is most likely broken shorting 2 wires together
No input at all/No Power Check to make sure the wire isn't broken, check to make sure the motherboard isn't cracked. Check for shorted capacitors. Try reflowing the CNT-DOL IC. Try replacing the CNT-DOL IC if no other issues were found
Buttons don't respond Inspect the motherboard for cracks. Clean buttons contacts and the rubber pad with IPA
Analog/C stick drift Clean/replace potentiometer or replace the whole joystick
Controller won't vibrate Check to make sure the wire to the motor aren't broken/soldered on correctly. Replace motor if necessary
Cracked Motherboard Carefully apply a small amount of superglue to hold the board together, after it dries scratch away each broken trace and reconnect with jumper wire