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Foxeer 4K Ambarella A12

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This page is about the Foxeer digital camera, model Foxeer 4K Ambarella A12, manufactured and distributed by Foxeer here: https://www.foxeer.com/foxeer-4k-ambarella-a12-hd-camera-uav-pwm-remote-control-wifi-distortionless-lens-tv-out-micro-hdmi-g-220.

Problem Check How to check Solution
No power when pressing the power button Is USB power present? Measure voltage across the big diode (Dxx), on the main PCB, next to the microUSB port

Measure TP7 on the Power board: 5V (USB power)

Measure voltage on Rxx (0 Ohms), next to the 32pin connector (VIN pins) on the main PCB

Check for blown fuse or bad connectors.
Power for the ON/OFF switch is present?

Does the switch work?

Measure voltage across the ON/OFF switch

Measure resistance of switch when pressed (should be <10 Ohms)

Measure TP6 on the Power board: 3.1V

Check cable and connector.

Replace switch.

Check TP7 (5V), replace RT9992 DC-DC converter.

A subsystem is not powered. Are all DC-DC converters working? TP5: 1.8V, TP2: 3.23V, TP3: 1V, TP10: 3V Check all enable pins on RT9992 (also present on the 32pin connector, next to SDIO label).

Check output capacitors.

Replace RT9992 DC-DC converter (QFN-32 package)

TP4: 3V Replace DC-DC converter (WDFN-6L package)

Useful information:[edit | edit source]

  1. Power is provided through the microUSB connector, goes to a Zenner diode (Dxx) for overvoltage protection, and then is transferred to the power board via 3 pins (labelled VIN).
  2. The power board is the bottom board of the stack. It receives 5V from the USB, and provides a continuous 3.1V for the power button.
  3. There are 2 DC-DC converters on the power board:
    1. RT9992 uses up to 5 of its outputs, and has 4 of the enable pins connected to the 32-pin connector.
    2. T8010A is configured for 3V output, and its enable is also controlled from the 32-pin connector.
  4. The 16-pin connector is used only for Wi-Fi, and the camera turns on even if the connector is disconnected (i.e. is not properly seated).

Resources:[edit | edit source]

  1. x-ray view of the power board (see picture on the right)
    PCB view of Power Board
    Bottom view of the Power board
    x-ray of the power board
    x-ray of the power board
  2. Richtek Tech RT9992ZQW datasheet
  3. Richtek Tech T8010A datasheet