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General[edit | edit source]

Making a minor change[edit | edit source]

Everyone starts small! If you want to add some information, fix typos or add a few links, go ahead.

Visit Stub Pages for a list of pages the most in need of contribution.

Once on a page, click Edit or Edit Source (recommended) in the top right of it to begin editing.

If you make a new page, you don't need to ask for permission, but make sure to list your sources and ask them for permission.

After you're done, you can give yourself or someone else credit by inserting {{Credit|Name}}

Making a major change[edit | edit source]

If you completely rewrite or reorganize a page, please let the people in #discussion in the Discord know!

Creating a new page[edit | edit source]

To write a new article; enter the article title in the box below to create a page with a preselected boilerplate.
Make sure to include the full device name & model number in the title when appropriate. (Example: A2159 2019 13" MacBook Pro)
If you don't finish it, insert {{Stub}} at the top of the page to signify it's a work in progress.

Categorizing pages[edit | edit source]

Categories make browsing the wiki efficient and easier to navigate for other users.

You will commonly be adding categories to new products, which use the format [[Category:Brand_Product Type]].

Only add one or two categories per page, and make sure a relevant category doesn't already exist before you create new ones.

Say you're making a repair guide for the new MacBook Pro, you'll want to add it to the [[Category:Apple Laptops]] category.

But since Apple has many lines / series of laptops, you'll want to specify further by adding the [[Category:MacBook Pro]] category as well.

If a brand does not have a wide product stack, further categorization is not necessary.

If your article applies to more than one or few products, it likely belongs in Category:Board Repair Guides.

If it's even more general than that, it belongs in Category:General Repair Guides.

Finally, if your article is a draft or lacking in detail, add it to the Stub category by inserting {{Stub}} at the top of the page.

Renaming a page[edit | edit source]

Click More in the top right and click Move.

Note that if you move a category page, pages belonging to it will need to be recategorized manually.

Deleting a page[edit | edit source]

Ask one of the wiki admins in the Discord.

Transclusion[edit | edit source]

You can include a page inside another page with {{:Page name}}.

Make sure to use <onlyinclude>text</onlyinclude> to not duplicate too much content (search engines don't like it).

Note: Make sure the page or Template you're transcluding has its categories inside noinclude tags: <noinclude>[[Category:IPhone]]</noinclude>

if you want to link to a category instead, colon symbol in front of it: [[:Category:Product Repair Guides]]

:Talk pages[edit | edit source]

Click on Discussion in the top left to leave a comment, then add ~~~~ to insert a user signature, like so: Patrolin (talk) 15:21, 24 April 2021 (PDT)

It is probably easier to just use the Discord, but it's good for writing notes.

If you have suggestions for how to improve the wiki, you can leave them on Talk:Repair Wiki

Response[edit | edit source]

When responding to someone in the talk pages, do it on a new line and prefix your message with : to give it indentation.

This is the OP speaking. Patrolin (talk) 02:43, 5 May 2021 (PDT)

This is a response to OP. Karar Al-Remahy (talk) 02:57, 5 May 2021 (PDT)
Here I've used double colon punctuation :: to respond to the message above. Patrolin (talk) 03:00, 5 May 2021 (PDT)
Another response to OP. Karar Al-Remahy (talk) 02:57, 5 May 2021 (PDT)

Copyrighted Materials[edit | edit source]

Your articles may not contain or link to copyrighted materials as this puts the Wiki at risk of being litigated against and taken down.

This includes, but is not limited to, patented schematics, instruction manual PDFs, other people's images, plagiarized problems/solutions from online articles etc.

Only original material or material for which you own the copyright and are consenting to release under the appropriate open-source licence may be posted to Repair Wiki.

Viewing schematics and boardviews[edit | edit source]

Louis Rossmann's Repair Videos[edit | edit source]

A project is underway to transfer information from all of Louis Rossmann's repair videos onto this wiki.

To avoid duplicating effort, we are using Google Sheets. Please mark videos as 'Done' when you have added their contents to the wiki, or confirmed that they are already on the wiki.

Searching through captions

You can find captions by video URL here

Ctrl+F and paste the part of the URL after v=. For example: QnowcxcO2-0

MediaWiki Formatting[edit | edit source]

This wiki uses MediaWiki Formatting. (You can also get there from the sidebar with Help about MediaWiki / Formatting)

The following are the most common types of formatting.

Lists, Linebreaks, Italic & Bold Text[edit | edit source]

* ''italic text''
* '''bold text'''
** '''''bold italic text'''''
** text with<br>a linebreak


  • italic text
  • bold text
    • bold italic text
    • text with
      a linebreak

Sections[edit | edit source]

Section headers are added by using equal signs. Level 1 headers should not be used. (ie. =Example=) Use Level 2 & 3 Headers instead.

==Level 2 header==

===Level 3 header===


Tables[edit | edit source]

To add a classic Problem & Solution table, copy / paste this into the source editor and fill in accordingly:

*Additional Solutions
*Additional Solutions


Problem Solution


  • Solution1
  • Additional Solutions


  • Solution2
  • Additional Solutions

To add a new row, simply define as many |P1 and |S1 parameters as needed.

Uploading & Embedding Files[edit | edit source]

Click Upload File in the sidebar to upload files.

Once uploaded, insert either of the following at the top of the page:

{{File|FileName.png|Fig. 1: File Caption}} or [[File:FileName.png|right|thumb|350px|<center>'''Fig. 1: File Caption'''</center>]]


Fig. 1: Rossmann Group logo

Make sure to reference the image in the solution text, ie. "See Fig. 1".

You can search for images in the public domain here.

Internal links in the wiki[edit | edit source]

[[Main Page]]

[[Standards|Standards page]]


Main Page

Standards page

If the link is red, either the link is wrong, or the page doesn't exist yet.

However if you want a page to redirect to another page, you can use the following:

#REDIRECT [[Target Page]]

External links to other websites[edit | edit source]

[https://www.gofundme.com/f/lets-get-right-to-repair-passed Right to Repair fundraiser]


Right to Repair fundraiser

Citations[edit | edit source]

Donate to the GoFundMe<ref>https://www.gofundme.com/f/lets-get-right-to-repair-passed Right to Repair fundraiser</ref>

If you want control over where on the page the references list appears use:



Donate to the GoFundMe[1]