Dyson Pure Hot Cool Link HP02

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Problem Solution
Noisy fan from persistent sounds to changing pitches
  • Replace the brushless DC motor. The bearings inside the motor wear down over time. The fan blades on this model appears to have attempts to balance them with cuts visible but wobble is still visible.
    • Replacement brushless motor is the Shinano LA034-040NN07A and can be found on ebay, comes complete with connector
    • Loctite, screwdriver kit with star bits, a small adjustable wrench (to take off off a nut holding the rotor to the motor shaft) and basic ability to remember how to reassemble required
    • Work with the fan unplugged from the wall and only work on the top half (the part with the filter). There is absolutely zero reason to get into the bottom of the dyson containing the electronics.
    • The wire harnesses inside are very clean and short, be sure to detach them from their anchors instead of trying to violently pry it open. The units can be disassembled just as they were assembled even though it appears "its a tight fit" if you pay attention.