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Controller not connecting/charging through USB[edit | edit source]

- Check USB port

- if controller has been opened, check ribbon cable/connector for damages

- check for open fuse (charging) / shorted USB data (D+/D-) protection component (communication) on USB-connector board

Problem Solution

Taking 1.4 amps instead of 0.5 amps

  • Unplug the Touchbar.

Taking 3.4 amps or more rather than 3 amps

  • You have the wrong ribbon cable plugged in, there are 10 pin 12 pin and 14 pin ribbon cables depending on your controller version. google the chargers name i.e JDS-030 JDS-011 and find out how many pins you need to have.
    Either solder a wire to every connection or buy a new ribbon cable.

Not Charging.

  • Replace battery (less Likely)
  • Replace charging port board (More Likely)

Drifting analog sticks[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

Controller analog drift

(move by itself in-game)

  • There are four pots, two for each analogue. They should be cleaned first and if they are used up, then replaced, the whole analogue with the mechanism can be changed or only the pot.
  • See Fig 1.
  • If you choose to replace the entire analog stick, you will likely need a resistor or two to bring the sticks back to true zero. 3x3 500 Kohm trimmer potentiometers take out the work of getting the resistor values correct the first time.
  • See Fig. 4.

Controller pushes buttons by itself.

  • clean the contacts on the film under the buttons, See Figure 3. Also near where the film connects to the mother board, check the traces near the pads on the film, See Fig. 2, along the red line the traces are prone to become worn over time and break inside the film.

D Pad buttons or other buttons on the face of the controller stop working Only certain controller buttons are working

Often caused by issues with the conductive film the buttons contact

  • Can be potentially fixed by cleaning the contacts as depicted in figures below
  • The conductive film can fail. This can be verified by using a wire to manually ground the controller buttons on the controller board (where the conductive film touches the PCB internally). If manually connecting points to ground on that pad works, the film is bad and should be replaced. Replacements are available on eBay and Amazon
  • Fig. 1
  • Fig. 2
  • Fig. 3
  • Fig. 4
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