DualShock 3

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Drifting analog sticks or buttons pressing by itself[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

Controller analog drift

(move by itself in-game)

  • There are four pots, two for each analogue. They should be cleaned first and if they are used up, then replaced, the whole analogue with the mechanism can be changed or only the pot.
  • See Fig. 1 & 2.

Controller does some things alone (in the game it enters the inventory itself or the character jumps)

  • clean the contacts on the board and foil and add some material like foam under the foil.
  • See Fig 3, 4, & 5.
  • If persists, replace the flex board.
  • Fig. 1
  • Fig. 2
  • Fig. 3
  • Fig. 4
  • Fig. 5

    Cable Flex Compatibly List[edit | edit source]

    Cable Flex Part Number Controller Model No Axis type






    Note: The DUALSHOCK3 controllers use on their analogs 4 Pins Pots. The regular ones use 3 Pins Pots.