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Power[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

PS5 controller does not charge

  • If the PS5 controller does not charge, check the capacitors around the DA9087 chip, if they are short-circuited replace the DA9087 power management chip.

Credit goes to My Mate VINCE, here is video of his finding https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKs5DsDVNI8

Controller doesn't turn on when powered from USB

Check the battery, Dualsense requires the battery to be connected and functional to work over USB

Controller only charges with USB-C to USB-A cables and does not work as a data input following Type-C port replacement

See the Compatible Parts section.

Inputs[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

Controller analog drift

(move by itself in-game)

  • There are four pots, two for each analogue stick. They should be cleaned first and if they are used up, then replaced, the whole analogue stick with the mechanism can be changed or only the pot.
  • There are two types of sticks used, green pot ALPS, and orange pot. You can only swap green to green and orange to orange due to shaft size.
  • See Fig 1.
  • These pots will likely not center properly after replacement, you have to rotate them before soldering them in the correct center position, on PCBs without plated through holes you can bend over the pins to make this easier. In extreme cases you will need to shave the corner locating pegs.

Controller does some things alone (in the game it enters the inventory itself or the character jumps)

  • clean the contacts on the board and foil and add some material like foam under the foil.
  • See Fig 3, 4, & 5.

R2/L2 doesn't return to 0 or feels weird/crunchy

Broken spring, common problem of early revision. You can replace this spring, you can also use the DualShock 4 spring.

  • Fig. 1
  • Fig. 3
  • Fig. 4
  • Fig. 5
  • Compatible Parts[edit | edit source]

    Problem Solution

    USB-C Port

    JAE Electronics DX07S016JA1R1500

    Buy on Digi-Key

    Buy on Mouser

  • USB-C Connector on a BDM-020 controller.
    • Be sure that you are buying a compatible replacement port. There are many replacement ports available for sale that are the same size/footprint as this port, but they have a different pinout and will not work properly. See the manufacturer's pinout on page 2 here

    Microphone FPC Connectors

    Kyocera AVX 046244406010846+

    Buy on Digi-Key

    Buy on Mouser

  • Close-up of the microphone connectors on a BDM-020 controller.
  • Left microphone FPC connector
  • Right microphone FPC connector
  • Diode Mode Readings[edit | edit source]

    Use these diode mode maps as a guide to troubleshoot a problem. You must use the RED PROBE on ground and the BLACK PROBE on the pin you are measuring.

    For example: You are troubleshooting a situation where USB-C to USB-C cables do not charge your controller, so you probe the pins on the USB-C connector that correspond to the CC lines. If a pin says you should read 1.4375 and you are reading OL or a short to GND then that's where you need to go.

    If instead of getting 1.4375 you read 1.4216, move on to the next one. Remember, every multimeter is different and even slight differences in temperature affect these readings. What you are looking for is extreme differences in values; if you are expecting some value and you get a short to ground, that is where it is more likely to be your issue.

    USB-C Connector[edit | edit source]
    Diode mode for the DualSense USB-C connector (BDM-020). Orientation is the same as seen in the Compatible Parts section.
    Microphone FPC Connectors[edit | edit source]
    Diode mode readings for the left microphone connector. Orientation is the same as seen in the Compatible Parts section.
    Diode mode readings for the right microphone connector. Orientation is the same as seen in the Compatible Parts section.