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Conquest 10 sub

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The Proson Conquest 10 is an affordable (cheap) subwoofer.

  • Main filter capacitors are the most likely fault. The one I came across had fake Rubycons in it. It was not possible to find a genuine part (of any reputable brand) with the same voltage and capacitance, that would fit on the circuit board. The options for repair are therefore either to go with a lower capacitance (downgrade) or to relocate the filter capacitors off the circuit board. I decided to mount them elsewhere and run wires to the circuit board.
  • I also replaced all electrolytic capacitors due to low overall quality (optional)
  • I added heatsinks to two TO92 packaged transistors. I could tell from the discoloration of the circuit board that they had been running hot (optional)

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Original article credit: AMelbye