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CAZ 1400

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The internals of the EAW CAZ-series are nearly identical to the Alto Mac 2.2, Mac 2.3 and Mac 2.4 amplifiers. Alto Macro 830, 1400 and 2400 are also very similar. I figured this out by googling the part numbers on the PCBs. Repair manuals and schematics for the Alto amplifiers are easily found if you look for them.

The alignment procedure in the service manual for the macro series is missing, however in the manual for the mac series the alinment and test section is present. I believe the procedure used in the mac series repair manual can be used also for the macro series amplifiers. I used the procedures to verify proper operation after completing my repairs.

Problem Solution

dead channel

  • replace main output transistors. Use matched matched quads if possible. After replacement do the alignment procedure as described in the service manual for the Alto Mac 2.2/2.3/2.4