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Behringer X32 Rack Power Supply Capacitor Replacement

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Background[edit | edit source]

Behringer X32 Rack Power Supply Capacitor Replacement
Device Behringer X32 Rack
Affects part(s) Power supply
Needs equipment Soldering station, desoldering tool (solder sucker, solder wick/copper braid, or desoldering gun)
Difficulty Difficult"Difficult" is not in the list (1. Easy, 2. Medium, 3. Hard, 4. Specialist) of allowed values for the "Repair Guide difficulty" property.
Type Part replacement

The electrolytic capacitors in the Behringer X32 Rack mixer's power supply are a common failure point for an otherwise reliable console. This guide assumes knowledge of soldering and desoldering through-hole components and the competency to open the mixer and identify and remove the power supply safely.

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

The mains AC wires that connect to the power supply through spade connectors use locking spade connectors. Do not simply pull harder to release these. Pull back the clear insulators from over the spade connectors to access the release tabs with a small flat screwdriver and you'll easily be able to unplug the AC wires.

C8 is a large capacitor, glued to the board. The glue cannot easily be accessed with a knife without removing other components in the way. One suggestion, used by the original author of this guide, is to use a "bent tip" on the soldering iron to melt the glue while pulling up on the capacitor after its leads have been desoldered.

Ordering Replacement Capacitors[edit | edit source]

The following table provides the necessary information to order new electrolytic capacitors for the power supply. Select the highest temperature rating and best (lowest) ESR available when possible. The physical measurements given are nominal and suitable for searching on an electronic components supplier site such as Mouser or Digikey.

Behringer SMPSU40 Electrolytic Capacitors
Component ID

(Printed on board)

Labelled capacitance Labelled voltage Labelled temperature rating Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Lead spacing (mm)
C2 47 uF 63 85 6.3 11.2 2.5
C5 220 uF 100 105 12.5 25 5
C6 47 uF 63 85 6.3 11.2 2.5
C7 470 uF 16 85 8 15 3.5
C8 330 uF 400 105 30 40 10
C10 470 uF 16 85 8 15 3.5
C12 47 uF 35 85 8 15 3.5
C13 1000 uF 25 105 10 20 5
C14 1000 uF 25 105 10 20 5
C15 470 uF 25 ? 10 16 5
C16 47 uF 35 85 8 15 3.5
C19 1000 uF 25 105 10 20 5
C20 1000 uF 25 105 10 20 5
C21 1000 uF 25 105 10 20 5