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The AtlasIED BBWP-Touch7 is a 7" touchscreen interface for controlling BlueBridge DSP systems manufactured by AtlasIED (Atlas Sound) .

This device is an industrial class Android device which receives power via PoE or a local DC power supply.     

Failure on these devices is rare so it's important to first identify that there actually is something wrong with the hardware and not that it's simply misconfigured.

Configuration, firmware updates and some analysis is performed via BlueBridge Designer software that can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website.

Note that units manufactured after July 2021 do not use a MicroSD card system disk.

Most Common Faults[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

Black Screen, no backlight, no apparent activity when given PoE or local DC power

  • Most often this is just a corrupted MicroSD card. This card contains the OS and the card will need to be replace with an 8 GB MicroSD that has the system image on it. System image can be obtained by cloning a disk from a known good Touch7.

White Screen, or Black but it is obvious backlight is illuminated.

  • Occasionally this is a corrupted MicroSD card. May also be physical damage to the ribbon cable connecting system board with LCD. Inspect that ribbon cable is squarely seated in socket and that it has not been cracked. This ribbon cable is exposed and can be smashed when the unit is installed in a wall enclosure with too much CAT5 cable taking up all the room.