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Asus S301LA onboard RAM disable[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

Disabling onboard RAM for Asus S301LA

I used S301LA Rev: 2.2 boardview for this guide.

We need this mod when suspect about onboard RAM chips. All onboard RAM chips must be removed. If client requires the onboard RAM, replace the RAM chips and shift back the resistors.

  • Search in Nets box for "DIMM_SEL" string.

This will list all RAM configuration lines, DIMM_SEL1-3. Initial RAM configuration is 000; RAM slot plus onboard RAM available.

See Fig.1.

  • Locate DIMM_SEL1 and corresponding resistors.

Shift R2119 to R2160.

See Fig. 2.

  • Locate DIMM_SEL2 and corresponding resistors.

Shift R2120 to R2161.

See Fig. 3.

  • Locate DIMM_SEL3 and corresponding resistors.

Shift R2121 to R2162.

See Fig. 4.

The final RAM configuration will be 111; only RAM slot available.