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Apple Tablets iPad Series

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iPads are a line of tablets made by Apple Inc.

iPad by model and year
7.9" 8.3" 9.7” 10.2” 10.5” 10.9" 11” 12.9”
2013 A1474
2014 A1599/A1600
2015 A1548/A1550
2016 A1673/4
2017 A1822/3 A1701/9 A1670/1
2018 A1893/A1954 A1934/A1980/A2013 A1876/A2014
2019 A2133/26 A2197/A2200 A2152/3
2020 A2270/A2428 A2316/A2324 A2228/A2068 A2229/A2069
2021 A2568
2022 A2588/A2589

iPad 1 (2010) not powering on:[edit | edit source]

The battery has been deeply discharged and has to be replaced. There are techniques that may work, but do these at your own risk. I personally tried this and it fixed my two dead iPads. https://youtu.be/2QVFJIqD5Yw

Apple Pencil (G1/G2)[edit | edit source]

Not charging G1: try connecting your Apple Pencil to the lightning charging adapter and charge the pencil for a few hours. Make sure that the charger and cable are preferably original or MFI certified and known working

G2: try multiple iPads to see if the issue persists. If it does, your only option is probably to replace the entire Pencil. Unfortunately these are not at all meant to be repaired and there are no resources available.

Not writing Check if your pencil tip is working correctly! I have personally seen many pencils that work perfectly, but just need a new 3$ tip. These tips are consumables that wear over time and eventually break. Luckily they are one of the only Apple products easily repairable. To change your tip, simply get yourself a set of replacements from the Apple Store, eBay or Amazon and follow these instructions: https://youtu.be/fo9CCDByXF8

Why does this issue happen?

The tip isn’t completely made of rubber. There is a tiny gold pin inside the tip that is necessary for the writing to be recognized. Sometimes this breaks. You may have removed it improperly or dropped it. Or dirt could be preventing a connection.

Connection issues Make sure your iPad working fine with other Bluetooth accessories. Updating it is also a good idea. Try the basics like reboots, restoring, etc. If you have determined that your actual Pencil is faulty, your only option unfortunately is to replace the entire Pencil.