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Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

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Common basic problems got central Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps.[edit | edit source]

Common problems for no cooling[edit | edit source]

Basic troubleshooting of generic problems. Details will be on model specific pages.

Problem Solution

Filter too dirty. Biggest indication is low airflow.

  • Replace with new filter

Outside coil dirty

  • Wash outside coil with garden hose. Washing from inside out is best, especially when very dirty. When not too dirty, washing from outside in can be ok.

Inside Coil frozen

  • Turn off cooling, but keep fan set to "on" instead of "auto". Thawing can cause water leaks, start watchful and be prepared for the cleanup
  • Can be caused by low air flow, low refrigerant levels, or low temperatures (inside or outside.)

Inside coil dirty

  • Clean inside coil with wire or nylon brush. Detergent and a light rinse may be required.
  • Evaporator cleaner is preferred, but not required.
  • Acidic detergents much be completely rinsed before further use.
  • See model specific pages for details.

Inside or outside fan not working

  • most often caused by a failed motor.
  • Ensure supply voltage is present at motor.
  • Verify that capacitor is within tolerance. Power must be off and wires removed from capacitor to check.
  • Replace motor as described in model specific page.

compressor not working

  • Most often caused by a failed motor, improper refrigerant levels, high temperatures
  • If outside coil was washed, allow compressor to cool before restarting.
  • If outside fan motor was replaced, allow time for compressor to cool before restarting.
  • Ensure capacitor is within tolerance. Replace if needed. Allow time for compressor to cool before restarting.
  • Check resistance between all 3 wires leading to the compressor. Power must be off and wires disconnected. See model specific page for details. Compressors are usually not worth replacing when not under warranty.
  • Compressors that do not start with normal resistance readings and capacitor within tolerance can have life extended by adding "hard start kit". No guaranty of success.

improper refrigerant levels