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Abit IC7

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The Abit IC7 is a PGA478 desktop motherboard for early Pentium 4 era processors. I has 3 variants: IC7, IC7-G, and IC7 MAX.

Problem Fix
AuxFan2 header shorted and blown out caused. AGP slot to stop working and system fails to POST when AGP card is installed. Shorted AuxFan2 header will cause a +12v trace to burn out and break, this trace also supplies +12v to pin 1 of the AGP slot, when this trace is burned out the AGP card will no longer be receiving +12v power and will will not work (assuming the card needs +12v power)

The solution is to repair the trace, the visible section of the trace will be on the top side of the PCB and goes perpendicular to the PCI slots. The trace can also usually be identified by it's burned appearance, find the section where the trace has broken and repair it with the method of your choice. Once the trace has been fixed both the AGP slot and AuxFan2 will work again.

Refer to Fig 1 for a picture of the trace that burns out.

Fig 1: Visible section of burned trace is highlighted in red.