A1893/A1954 2018 9.7” iPad 6th Gen

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iPad 6 (2018) Common Faults[edit | edit source]

Problem Solution

Intermittent Display/Backlight, No Display

  • It is becoming increasingly common for this model iPad to have intermittent loss of video/backlight. This is caused by the 5662 backlight IC failing on the logic board. For whatever reason, this chip dies over time and causes the intermittent issue and/or a total loss of display. Replacing this chip fixes the issue. Can confirm after fixing over one hundred of them and never getting one back for warranty.

Ghost touching/No Touch/Sporadic Touch Issues

  • The digitizer FPCs are very easy to damage on this model. If they are visibly damaged, replacing them fixes the issue.
  • If the FPCs are flawless, usually from bend damage, the touch ICs get cracked solder balls. Reflowing them often fixes the touch issues. If it does not resolve it, replace them.

NOTE: If the FPCs are good, and replacing the touch ICs does not fix the issue, usually there are broken traces between the FPCs and the touch ICs. This cannot be fixed at least viably.

Power Button Components Here's the values collected from a donor board. It is common for a tech to damage these components & remove them completely from the board.

This connector handles power button, volume up & volume down.

IPad 6 Power Button - Component Values.png