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The Dell Latitude 3189 was a mid-2017 Windows laptop developed in response to the demand for more robust devices for K12 schools. This should not be confused with the Dell Chromebook 3189, a similar machine, with few but some compatible parts, in the exact same form factor. Differences in parts, of note, are that the bottom panel of the Latitude says Dell Latitude, and top panel lid, behind the screen, is missing the circular hole for the chrome logo and the educational indicator light on the opposite side.

In the coming days, I will populate this page with simple fixes to the most common issues I have experienced. This page is a work in progress, started on June 14, 2021.

  • Not powering on, or appears to not charge
    • (Internal MB cable loose, will add pics)
  • Left hinge failure, the brass heatserts break out of the chassis. Preventative measures best, if it gets wiggly then tighten the screws.
  • SSD is serviceable
  • Wireless NIC failure is not serviceable
  • Intel SSDs are notorious for failure
  • M.2 is SATA only
  • Keyboard model, cheap to replace.
    • US English: 0343NN and 343NN
  • Audio daughter board separate module, can be replaced if broken
  • LCD assembly kit link
  • Track pad ribbon cable not seated properly
  • How to determine if it is the charger or battery, battery communication in BIOS
  • HP chargers will likely not work, must use Dell branded chargers. Use knockoffs at your own peril.

Error light codes, common one is 3, 5

2,1 CPU Possible CPU Failure
2,2 Motherboard BIOS Motherboard, Covers BIOS Corruption or ROM Error
2,3 Memory No memory / RAM detected
2,4 Memory Memory / RAM failure
2,5 Memory Invalid Memory Installed
2,6 Motherboard Chipset Motherboard / Chipset Error
2,7 LCD LCD Failure
2,8 LCD LCD Power Rail Failure
3,1 RTC Power Failure CMOS Battery Failure
3,2 PCI / Video PCI or Video Card / Chip Failure
3,3 BIOS Recovery 1 Recovery Image Not Found
3,4 BIOS Recovery 2 Recovery Image Found But Invalid
3,5 Power Rail Failure EC ran into power sequencing failure
3,6 SBIOS Flash Corruption Flash corruption detected by SBIOS
3,7 ME Error Timeout waiting on ME to reply to HECI