Samsung Galaxy Tab E

This page covers the 2016 model of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A T560

Problem: Possible issues: Solution:
Tablet doesn't seem to turn on, hard reset won't work The tablet is frozen Remove the backplate. To confirm, check battery voltage. 3.5-4 V should be fine. Unplug the battery wait a few seconds and plug back in.
Charging or screen cable came loose Remove the backplate, check and fix loose connections.
Battery tab broken, battery is dead Remove the backplate. To confirm: check battery voltage. Below 3V is probably a battery or charging issue. Change the battery.
Lcd Connector Clip broken Physical Damage Put a piece of tape under the lcd cable, and then insert in the lcd connector . It ll push the cable to make contact and then put a piece of tape on top of the cable so it does not move .
Screen Shuts Off after replacement or Turning Black The tablet believes it has a smart cover on it Easiest Solution is to Remove all the magnets found inside the tablet that attach to the smart cover . Downside is that the smart cover wont attach magnetically .