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Apple[edit | edit source]

CUBOT[edit | edit source]

DOOGEE[edit | edit source]

Fairphone[edit | edit source]

Google[edit | edit source]

Huawei[edit | edit source]

LG[edit | edit source]

Librem[edit | edit source]

Motorola[edit | edit source]

Nokia[edit | edit source]

Oppo[edit | edit source]

OnePlus[edit | edit source]

Pine64[edit | edit source]

Samsung[edit | edit source]

Xiaomi[edit | edit source]

Alternative operating systems[edit | edit source]

Is your phone still working but lacks manufacturer support such as security updates? Outdated Androids and other phones with unlockable bootloaders still have lots of hacking and experementational value. Consider installing a custom ROM or even Linux!

  • Lineage OS (Android)
    • Your spesific device may not be currently supported but may have had support in the past. In that case, you can compile the OS from source yourself, check the project's wiki for details.
    • If your device is particularly laggy or unstable, try installing LineageOS without Google Play services. It can improve responsiveness and battery life dramatically.
  • Ubuntu touch (Linux)
  • Postmarket OS (Linux)
    • PostmarketOS has a very extensive wiki especially on many Android phones. Useful if you want to learn more on how a phone works on firmware level. The wiki also has tons of interesting miscellanious info on system on chips and other hardware components that may be useful from a repair perspective.
  • GrapheneOS (Android)
    • It should be noted that this will likely require some tinkering as no Google Play services are included by default.