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Mouse Switch

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Mice switch general info and repairing

Mouse Switch repair is a good repair for beginners as it is easy. The normal reasons you'd want to repair are: your mouse double clicks, or your mouse does not click at all. Even the most expensive switches are only a few dollars.

There are two methods of repairing your mouse when it is double clicking: Replacing the actual switch or bending the actuation metal slightly so that it no longer double bounces when clicking. First we'll take a look at replacing the switch entirely, since that also fixes mice that don't click at all.

Another method that may help is opening up the switch and cleaning the contacts. This works when cause of double clicking is oxidation build up on the switch contacts. The problem appears in mice that do not provide the datasheet specified wetting current for the switch used in it [1] (e.g newer mice like the Logitech G502 Hero).

Below is a table with several switches in it to help in your purchase of a new switch. For nearly all mice, any switch can be put in any mouse. The only exception I know of are some RAZER mice with proprietary optical switches? (not sure if that's the only exception)

Popular switches and some basic info (All of these brands have multiple switches)
Kailh red switch TTC gold Omron D2FC-F-7N (Logitech and Razer usually use) White Dot Huano (Zowie?) Pink Dot Huano (Zowie)
light-quick click medium-hard click light-mushy click Hard click Hard click
(US $2.5) (US $3.5) (US $1) (US $1) (US $4)
60 Million clicks 30 Million clicks see note below 20 Million clicks 80 Million clicks

There are 2 types of Omron switches: Japanese and Chinese. Many places say the Japanese are much better and last longer (though both should last at least a few years) 50 million clicks but (Chinese ones, no idea about Japanese ones) usually double click probably at half of that.

Here is a full spreadsheet of all switches I found while writing the wiki: Large spreadsheet/table of mouse switches I'd like to redo it for wiki I have contacted "Ents"

mouse switch mechanisms and where to bend

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