Bosch PowerPack eBike batteries

This applies to various Bosch Powerpack eBike batteries having a BMS board that looks similar to the one shown.

Bosch PowerPack 500 BMS board, commonly failing diode circled.
Bosch PowerPack 500 BMS board

Some are susceptible to water damage from ingress at screw holes, add glue there when reassembling. Apparently most of these BMS boards do not brick themselves when the battery cells are disconnected then reconnected in the right order (to be verified). The right order can be found here.

Known problemsEdit

Problem Solution

Battery pack "dead", no power output, no indicator LED, no charging

  • Check resistance across diode circled in in the image above, if it shows short circuit (both ways), replace it. SS16 or SS210 seems to be a suitable replacement, the package / size is SMA. Cathode (side marked with stripe) faces the MOSFETs.