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Problem Solution

Dead, will not charge

Check if the tablet draws current when plugged in;

  • if you see the current draw change when you move the charging cable then visually check the charge port for damage and replace if necessary but it should be noted, it is common for these tablets to break the solder joints on the port, re-solder, and see if the tablet draws current.
  • if the current draw is constantly low it is common for the battery to discharge too far, often the battery can be jump started using a power supply set to the voltage marked on the battery and connect directly to the battery connector with a max of 1.5A. When the current draw drops to under 1A, try with the charge cable and see if it is charging correctly.
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Dead, will not turn on. No response from power button. Kindle Fire HD 2013 (Gen 3)

Not really a full solution, but might give you an idea on what currents and voltages to expect. In my case the device just needed a reset and none of the 'hold power and volume button' solutions worked. Unplugging the battery for a few minutes seemed to do the trick.


  • Remove the back cover
  • Check battery voltage. Should be 3.3 - 4.2v
  • Check current draw using a power supply or USB current meter.
  • I found that the current would fluctuate constantly, but holding at about 650mA for about a minute then dropping. It would then repeat constantly. The heatsink would get warm but not the battery. I assume it is constantly rebooting but the screen never turned on.
  • When charging correctly I found that the current would also fluctuate from ~90mA to ~250mA every second so it's hard to tell the difference from the scenario above.
  • Keep the charger plugged in till the battery holds at least 3.7v when unplugged from USB
  • Unplug USB and remove the battery cable from the mainboard - This is the key to the reset process.
  • Plug the USB back in and observe current draw
 - 16mA Standby
 - 200mA when pressing the power button once. Will stay at 200mA for 15-20 seconds then drop
 - 200mA when holding the power button, but drops after about 6 seconds
  • Remove the USB and leave battery unplugged for 5-10 mins
  • Plug battery cable in and press the power button (or short out the pins)
  • Device should power on and show boot logo
  • Re-assemble back cover