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A2588/A2589 2022 10.9” iPad Air 5th Gen

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A2588/A2589 2022 10.9” iPad Air 5th Gen
Manufacturer Apple
Code name iPad Air (5th Generation)
Device release date 2022-03-18
Device type Tablet

iPad Air 5 is an iPadOS based tablet by Apple. It is the 5th generation of the iPad Air series.

FPC Connectors Diode Mode Measurements[edit | edit source]

Full View of the Board (A2588 Model)[edit | edit source]

Overview of board

LCD Connector[edit | edit source]

#1 LCD connector

Lower Digitizer Connector[edit | edit source]

#2 Lower digitizer connector (next to LCD connector)

Upper Digitizer Connector[edit | edit source]

#3 Upper digitizer connector

Volume Button Connector (A2588 Model)[edit | edit source]

#4 Volume button connector

Rear Camera Connector[edit | edit source]

#5 Rear camera connector

Power Button Connector[edit | edit source]

#6 Power button connector (next to rear camera)

Front Camera Connector[edit | edit source]

#7 Front camera connector

Left Ambient Light Sensor Connector[edit | edit source]

#8 Left ambient light sensor connector (below front camera)